Spiritual Coaching

Nurturing Your Authentic Self

My Approach

All spiritual counseling begins with deep listening in a safe space. Together we will work to create that safe space – a space where I act as non-judgmental witness to your fears about yourself and others, the pain of your unmet expectations, your confusion about the world we live in. And more.

While I am educated in Franciscan Studies and as a Grief Support Specialist, I draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources and learnings that have proven effective in helping private clients, audiences and workshop participants expand their definition of life and Authentic Self. The nature of suffering – what it is and how it can be healed. The importance of acknowledging and owning your own truth before an understanding of Higher Truth can be accessed and integrated. The six life purposes. The five stages of the soul. The forgiveness methodologies of the four fold path and the eight steps to freedom. Together we will explore what you really want and need, any limiting beliefs that are getting in the way, and the path that will lead you to the life you are meant to live.

I am available for both in-person counseling in my Mequon, Wisconsin office, as well as consultation by phone.

Forgiveness Coaching

To forgive is to release any expectation that is causing you to suffer. That expectation can be about yourself, others, God, experiences and circumstances.  Together we will create a non-judgmental space for you to: tell your story of pain, loss or suffering; name your hurts; grant forgiveness; and either renew or release the relationship that led to a need to forgive.

I often hear, "I can't forgive him/her that - he/she doesn't deserve it." But consider this: I once had a client who's sister had been murdered. When she came to me for counseling, she was consumed by rage, grief and a desire to "get even". Now, seven years after working together to forgive her sister's killer, my former client periodically let's me know "I still feel so peaceful and whole."

Our forgiveness facilitation process will begin with "preparing to make a change"  -  the preparation process is individualized, based on who you are, your life experiences, belief system and what you have identified as needing forgiveness. When you feel ready, we will identify the forgiveness path and method that's right for you.

When my emotional and spiritual life took a turn that needed professional insight, perspective and redirection, I discovered Elizabeth's uniquely attuned background to guide me through that period. Forgiveness Training, HeartMath, along with her empathetic personality were just what my untethered self needed. The tools Elizabeth taught me -  and that I have worked with over time  -have truly changed my life for the better!  Mary Sue Grimm, Wisconsin


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