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Personal Development Coach

Helping You Create A Life You Truly Love

Personal and Organizational Development Coaching

What do you truly want? What’s getting in the way?

What changes do you need to make to live the life you were meant to live?

Motivational Speaking

If you believe in accidents, then you might say that my public speaking career began by accident…

Spiritual Coaching

I will aid you in identifying life purpose, letting go of limiting beliefs, and creating a path to the life you are meant to live…

Stress Management/ Resilience-building

Resilience-building is an important new approach to understanding and self-regulating stress. How can you increase your resilience capacity?

Italy Tours

See your life and the world through fresh eyes – come join me for a small group, personal renewal tour to the Umbria and Tuscany regions of Italy…

Healing Art

Art-making that focuses on process is a fun and relaxing way to reduce stress, pain, anxiety and fear…

Healing Writing

When life hurts, writing can help. Learn how to explore your story of pain and loss in a way that leads to insight, healing and renewal.


What if you could gain a new sense of inner ease and control, and enhance your life anytime, anywhere?


I am a stress resilience teacher, motivational speaker, and personal development and spiritual coach. I help individuals and organizations increase emotional, mental and spiritual resilience through the process of defining core values, resilience skills training, and the creation of a life or organizational vision that expresses purpose and authenticity.

When it comes to resilience, healing and growth, there is no “one-size-fits-all” path to wellness and a sense of wholeness. Understanding this has led me to pursue extensive trainings and certifications in HeartMath®, mindfulness and mindfulness-based stress reduction, forgiveness facilitation, grief support, healing art and writing, trauma healing and Franciscan studies, in order to best serve the needs of my clients.

I lead personal renewal tours to Villa Pieve in the Umbria region of Italy for those interested in inner-exploration and self-discovery in a relaxing and beautiful setting.

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