Healing Art

The process of art-making is a fun and relaxing outlet for reducing stress and creating greater self-awareness.

How Does Art-making Heal?

Art-making that focuses on process and experience can reduce stress, pain, anxiety and fear.

Studies have shown that art-making offers some of the same physical health benefits as massage: it can relax the muscles, soothe respiration, lower blood pressure, release endorphins, and more. Art-making is also healing as a form of self-communication. Through art the subconscious is revealed, offering a deeper expression of emotion and self-understanding, allowing you to let go of the past and embrace the present. And spiritual development can be fostered through the artistic process, as well. Through art you can connect more deeply with your authentic self, others, the world and the Divine. In essence, art is energetically healing, a way to integrate body, mind and spirit.

My healing art programs are designed to help you connect the way in which you heal from, and deal with, loss and change as a function of your unique personality, belief system and life experiences. All programs, lectures and workshops are tailored to meet the specific needs or interests of each individual audience or group.

Combination art and writing, art and yoga, and art and movement workshops are available upon request. I also offers private sessions in art and healing art instruction.

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