Although I live in rural northwest Wisconsin, I have had numerous opportunities to explore with Elizabeth’s guidance self-awareness, practice forgiveness and healing, and learn self-care and resiliency. 12-years-ago when faced with breast cancer and a sudden divorce after decades of marriage, I went with a group to Italy led by Elizabeth – we followed the peaceful path of St. Francis and St. Clare and this provided me with a sense of peace during that difficult time. I’ve found helpful Elizabeth’s classes and group sessions on mindfulness in daily activities, meditation exercises for relaxation, and visualization techniques to optimize resilience and creativity, as well as art and journaling. Elizabeth has provided me a safe environment to discover and explore my challenges and strengths. I recently attended a compassionate care-giving workshop which gave me practical tools for self-care and for caring for my elderly parents. Elizabeth is calm, grounded, sensitive, and insightful- a compassionately skilled teacher and facilitator.