Healing Writing

The words we use have the power to define and shape our world. Our happiness. Our sense of purpose and self.

My healing writing workshops explore how the language you use impacts your ability to deal with and heal from stress, pain, loss and transition.

The process of writing unlocks the healing power of words by:

  • Leading to mental and physical insights
  • Defusing pain, grief and anger
  • Recasting experiences in a language that constructs a more positive future
  • Dissipating and diluting fear and anxiety
  • Creating awareness of non-productive emotions and patterns of behavior

Writing is a practical and creative way to gain self-confidence, explore your life experiences, uncover the meaning of your dreams, gain greater understanding of significant relationships, and work out major decisions regarding your career. The process of writing is especially beneficial to anyone with chronic pain and physical dysfunction or on-going health issues.

Writing workshops in combination with yoga, art, movement and sound healing are available upon request. I also offers one-on-one writing sessions.