Spiritual Coaching

Over 10 years ago, I began presenting a workshop, "Stress Management as a Spiritual Practice" because I could see how our human inner struggles and fears often keep us from accessing and expressing our authentic best selves. I have come to see that being in human form is in and of itself a spiritual practice - why come down to earth if it isn't to learn! Stress resilience tools can open the door to a more balanced body, mind and spirit, helping us to more often and more fully know who we are - a soul temporarily in human form. 

As a spiritual coach, trained in forgiveness facilitation and Franciscan Studies, I nurture tools for compassion for self and others, forgiveness and universal love at the pace right for the individual. As an ordained minister of Universal Life Church, I perform wedding celebration and funeral services for people of all backgrounds and belief systems.

Forgiveness Facilitation: To forgive is to release any expectation that is causing you to suffer. it is to let go of demands and expectations you may have of God, life, self, or others, as a condition of expression love and other positive attitudes.

You can learn to transform the negative energy of anger, resentment and unresolved inner conflict into the healing energy of letting go. I will guide you in on this inner journey to greater inner and outer peace. 

If you want to move beyond the inner process of forgiveness to embrace the outer process of reconciliation, I can help guide you through the process of Dignity-focused Conflict Resolution.