Inner and outer peace begin with a relaxed body and mind. My services can help you find greater life satisfaction by allowing you to put aside your fears and truly listen to - and hear - what your heart and soul are telling you.

Since 2002, I have presented over 400  motivational talks, workshops, classes and programs to a wide variety of audiences and at a wide variety of venues.

My workshop, programs, class offerings and motivational/keynote talk subjects include:  


  •  HeartMath Resilience Advantage Program
  • Practices for Heart-Centered Living
  •  Soulful Aging/ Mindful Aging
  •  Aging as a Spiritual Practice
  •  Stress Management as a Spiritual Practice
  •  Work as a Spiritual Practice
  •  Don’t Worry Be Happy /The How of Happiness/ Can You Learn to be Happier?
  •  Finding Joy in What Is
  •  The Wisdom of Forgiveness/Unconditional Forgiveness
  •  Honoring and Upholding Human Dignity
  •  Dignity & Forgiveness: Partners in Wholeness and Healing
  •  Interruption: Life as Seen Through the Eyes of the Soul
  •  The Gift of Fear
  •  Your Life is a Work of Art
  •   Image and Symbol as Spiritual Language
  •  The Spiritual Bucket List
  •  Mindfulness and MIndfulness-based Stress Reduction
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Losing My House
  • Interruption: Life as Seen through the Eyes of the Soul


  • Moving Meditation
  •  Finger Holds for Managing Emotions (also insomnia etc.)
  •  Finding Joy in What Is
  •  The Purpose and Meaning of Fear/The Gift of Fear
  •  Body-Mind-Spirit Practices from Around the World (Capacitar International)
  •  Images and Symbols as Spiritual Language
  •  The How of Happiness/Can You Learn to be Happy?/Don’t Worry Be Happy – Tools for Sustaining Happiness
  •  Compassion: The Cornerstone of Emotional Healing/Cultivating Compassion and Self-compassion
  •  The Five Things We Cannot Change…and the Happiness We Find by Embracing Them
  •  Hand Massage for Relaxation & Healing
  •  Your Life is a Work of Art
  •  Exploring Spiritual Archetypes through Mask-making
  •  Visual Journaling (also art and/or writing)
  •  The Wisdom of Forgiveness/Finding Joy in Forgiveness/Unconditional Forgiveness
  •  Creating a Personal Vision Statement (also writing)
  •  Creative a Soulful Aging Vision Statement (also writing)
  •  Creating a Death Vision Statement (also writing)
  •  The Attitude of Gratitude
  •  Body-Mapping and Stress Management
  •  Guided Visualization for Improved Athletic Performance
  •  Soulful Aging
  •  Interruption: Life as Seen Through the Eyes of the Soul
  •  Dignity-focused Conflict Resolution/Conflict to Connection
  •   Heart Intelligence/HeartMath
  •  The Spiritual Bucket List
  •  Stress Management as a Spiritual Practice


  • Moving Meditation 
  • Acceptance-based Stress Management
  •  Stress Management for Caregivers
  • Reflective Meditation: Purposefully Cultivating the Elusive “AHA!”
  •  Sensory Relaxation Practices
  •  Mindful Meditation
  •  Meditation
  •  Cycling Meditation
  •  Mantra Meditation
  •  Mindfulness
  •  Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
  •  Centering Prayer
  •  Eating Meditation
  •  Chocolate Tasting Meditation
  •  Meditation in Action/Moving Meditation
  • Zen Walking Meditation
  •  Mindful Walking Meditation (country and city walk)
  •  Putting Insomnia to Rest
  •  Guided Visualization/Guided Imagery
  •  Healing Breathwork Techniques
  •  HeartMath®  (see and
  •  Chronic Pain: New Ways of Dealing with the Same Old Problem
  • Stress Management Basics
  • Stop the Noise! Quieting Mind Chatter
  •  Body Scanning Techniques
  •  8 Minute Meditation
  •  LovingKindness Meditation (also forgiveness, gratitude, compassion meditations etc.)
  •  Chakra Meditation
  •  Yoga Nidra
  •  Heart-Centered Meditation & Relaxation Practices
  •  Exploring the Chakras through Movement, Sound & Meditation
  •  Self-Hypnosis for Deep Relaxation and Positive Change (Autogenics)
  •  Developing a Home Meditation Practice
  •  Stress Management as a Spiritual Practice
  • Rapid Relaxation Techniques
  •  MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) as a Spiritual Practice
  •  Very Fun! Using Humor to Promote Health and Well-being/ Laughter Yoga

 Art/Healing Art

  •  Chakra Healing Art© Series (hand and foot painting, clayplay, mask-making, gestural painting, connecting words and images, mandalas, touch drawing)

             Hand and foot painting
             Gestural painting
             Visual Journaling
             Touch drawing

  •   Family and Group Mandalas
  •  Big Brush (calligraphy mind – meditation and large brush painting etc.)
  •  Collage
  •  Soul Portrait Collage
  •  The Healing Power of Art
  •  The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them
  •  Image and Symbol as Spiritual Language
  •  Exploring Spiritual Archetypes through Mask-making
  •  Heart-Centered Art
  •  FabricMache© Soul Bowl©
  •  Creating An Essence Tree
  • Visual Journaling: Creating Images of Peace During Times of Fear

  Writing/Healing Writing

  •  Writing Poetry for Healing and Self-Expression
  •  Your Story of Pain and Loss: How to Tell it, Honor It and Let It Go
  • There is No Such Thing as Writer’s Block!
  •  Writing Begins with Breath
  •  Writing to Heal the Soul
  •  Ethical Wills: Creating a Legacy of Values
  •  The Healing Power of Words
  •  The Power of Affirmations and Healing Words
  •  Life Story-writing
  •  Life-Story Writing for People with Alzheimer’s

 Lectures, classes, programs and motivational talks can be designed to meet the needs and interests of your business, social or religious organization, school, artists’ guild or health care facility.