Forgiveness Facilitation

To forgive is to release any expectation that is causing you to suffer. it is to let go of demands and expectations you may have of God, life, self, or others, as a condition of expression love and other positive attitudes.

You can learn to transform the negative energy of anger, resentment and unresolved inner conflict into the healing energy of letting go using The 8 Steps to Freedom - a simple proven method of forgiveness.

10 reasons you might want to learn to forgive:

1. You're tired of suffering over someone or something and want to move on.

2. You want to reduce your stress and improve your health.

3. You're on a spiritual path and want to reach your potential and live with purpose.

4. You want to live the tolerance teachings of your faith.

5. You want to imporve your family and friend relationships.

6. You're a peacemaker and want to contribute peaceful energy to the world.

7. You're a helping professional and want some forgiveness tools to assist in the healing of others.

8. You're in a 12 Step Program.

9. You're creating more love and abundance in your life, and forgiveness will open up new possibilities.

10. Joy!

If you want to move beyond the inner process of forgiveness to embrace the outer process of reconciliation, Elizabeth will guide you through the process of Dignity-focused Conflict Resolution.

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