Building Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge and adversity. 

Capacity is a key term fundamental to understanding resilience. Capacity is how much of something we have. You can increase your capacity and accumulate or store resilience. We're all energy systems that expend and renew energy, so you can think of resilience as the amount of energy you have stored in an inner battery - energy you have available to use at any given time physically, mentally and emotionally.

For example: think of a situation that typically frustrates you. When your energy is low, how do you respond in that situation? Are you more easily irritated, angered? and how do you respond to that same situation after a good night's sleep or when you're having a good day? Are you more able to just let things "roll off your back", not get under your skin? The situation is the same - the difference in the way you handle it often depends on the amount of energy you have available. How charged your inner battery is.

When your inner battery is charged and you have stored resilience, you are:

  • More flexible and feel better prepared
  • Have a greater capacity to remain calm
  • More able to think clearly - make smarter decisions
  • and you are more in control of your emotions during challenging situations or at any other time

A key to building a maintaining resilience is managing how you spend and renew your energy. Regenerative sleep is one way to renew energy. But there are others as well. I have found HeartMath programs and techniques to be profoundly effective in helping my clients and workshop participants build and maintain resilience.

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