10 Traits of Emotionally Resilient People

1. They practice the art of care and self-care - they know what their personal needs are and provide for themselves.

2. They understand that stressful situations don't define them. No need for drama - resilient people know that short-term conditions have no power or influence over who they are in the present moment or who they will be when the situation has changed.

3. They are compassionate - they know that everyone deserves respect, good will and love, including others who may not be handling situations or circumstances in ways they would prefer.

4. The know life isn't perfect and have learned to practice acceptance. And they know things will get better - eventually.

5. They know when to ask for help. We're taught to be self-reliant and independent with our problem-solving and much of the time this approach is appropriate. But sometimes we need to enlist the help of friends, family or colleagues - resilience people have learned discernment in making this choice.

6. They know when to listen, when it's time to be supportive, and when to allow space. Resilient people have garnered awareness of which strategy is applicable when.

7. they have positive supportive social circles - and make a conscious choice to interact with people who are willing and able to offer the support they need.

8. they know who to go to for honest advice and who's likely to add unneeded drama to a situation. 

9. They are self-aware and often engage in practices that provide self-reflection- this can make the difference between feeling confident about the ability to handle adversity, challenge and change, and feeling hopeless or overwhelmed.

10. They are grateful.

You may have developed some of these traits over the years, but still have little experience or comfort with others on the list. Zero in on which areas can help you boost your resilience capacity. You'll find it's wroth the effort.


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