"I have known and worked professionally with Elizabeth Lewis for over twenty years. She brings an angelic presence to all those who work with her. Her teaching, writing, and art expression groups assist others to open their hearts to begin the process of healing. She instills in her clients the courage to use their inner voice to experience personal transformation through expression of the heart, mind and soul."
– Peig Myota
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
"I had always wanted to visit the Italian countryside, but never had the connections to plan an authentic trip. I had never even meditated before I met Elizabeth. I certainly knew I needed to reduce stress in my life. This seemed like a great way to see Italy, not in a rush-everywhere kind of way. I wanted to just BE there, away from the tour groups, see the REAL Italy. After hearing Elizabeth's story. I know this was a person I could spend 10 days with. Who wouldn't want the chance to get to know on a personal level someone who has overcome such incredible adversity? I wasn't sure about being part of a "meditation" group. As it turns out, the other people were looking for the same type of trip I was! We were a diverse group, but with a like-minded purpose. This is the way to see Italy! Thank you for this once (or more) in a lifetime experience!"
– Tonnie Schmidt
Italian tour participant
"Taking your class was a pleasure and an eye opner. Thank you for teaching me/us life long skills to keep our lives in balance. vive la difference!"
– Lisa Skofronick
student - School of the Arts at Rhinelander
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